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A Brief Introduction to Nonpareil SHAHPURA’S PHAD PAINTING

Popular Art of India

A Part of Indian Art and Cultural

 About Phad Painting:-

Shahpuraphad painting is unique in many ways. The word “phad” means to read out. Generally reading out of a phad is a panoramic  presentation because a big phad in unrolled accompanied by melodious voice of bhopas who are professional bards. A phad is usually displayed as a panorama in the phad which is rolled on a  stick. However a single phad painting is also prepared in different sizes.

A phad is unique in the following senses:-

For its themes or subjects, the phad paintings include folk tales, stories related to various gods and goddesses e.g.  PabuJi, Epic of Devnarayan, Ram Dala.  Related to the Ramayan ) Krishna Dala (related to the Lord Krishna).

  • All the devices and technique used for painting are home products.
  • The cloth used for painting is also moulded at own level.
  • All kinds of colours used are also own preparation.

Origion of Phad Art.

This art was first of all initiated by my forefathers in SHAHPURA 311404  Rajasthan Since 1629 It is to be particularly borne in mind that the entire credit of initiating phad painting goes exclusively to Joshi family of Shahpura which is settled at SHAHPURA 311404  Rajasthan and nowhere else. This historical background of the art is traced to 600 years back related to Joshi Family Shahpura.


The ancient tradition of scroll painting survives in Rajasthan as Phad. A Phad is a long rectangular cloth painting that tells of the adventures and travails of Pabuji, a local hero or other epic heroes.


With the painting rolled up on two shafts of bamboo, the bhopa travels from village to village with the intent of singing the liturgical epic of the life and death of the hero god. This performance is the principal ritual of the cult of Pabuji (and Devnarayan).





Handmade Traditional Canvas


Stone Natural Color


12×24 inch

Frame Included




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