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Legacy of traditional Indian art

Please let me bring to your knowledge that the abbreviation R.H.K. art means Rama Hast Kala of traditional Indian art (Handicrafts).

The Rama Hast Kala Shahpura has minutely and carefully st rived to accumulate the creations by various artisans of authentic reputation working under the single roof.

We have done so to ensure the availability of original creations thereof at your doorstep at reasonable prices or cost so that nearby dying Indian crafts and arts may be kept alive at the level of my aforesaid R.H.K. art whose only or sole mission is to preserve the original Indian culture and art.

For the sake of reasonable financial gain we are presenting our products to your possession for marketing thereof because we have no agent to represent us any where in order to do away with the false imitation of our original creation .

We the proprietor of Joshi art centre shahpura have always been sincerely striving to maintain and enliven our products which are cauterized by means of their originality, uniqueness, rarity, traditionality and much besides. The products of such nature are the legacy handed over to us by our ancestors which are indicative of their genius and craftsmanship known and popularized as Shahpura school phad painting.

It is to my satisfaction and encouragement that I enjoy the proud privilege of my being the descendant of Joshi family of SHAHPURA (Dist. Bhil, Rajasthan) to whom goes the sole E credit of having initiated the art of phad painting as back as SIX hundred years. Thus the historical background of the art is traced to 600 years back which has exclusively been initiated by the said family already settled at SHAHPURA 311404 and nowhere else in India.

It was in the year 1629 that Phulia pargana of which present SHAHPURA had been apart, was allotted to Raja Sujan Singh by Emperor ShahJahan in consideration of his services rendered to him. Later on the capital Phulia was shifted to newly settled town called SHAHPURA state in honor of the Emperor ShahJahan. The Joshi family had  already initiated and developed this art much earlier to the existence of SHAHPURA which happened to be one of the Princely State in Rajasthan.

Our real artistic paintings are being made available online by Rama Hast Kala agency. For the complete success of the said mission your helping hand is indispensable. Rest assured our sincere efforts will always be at your possession to get the needful done.

It would be very beneficial both for the researchers and the lover of phad painting to know that happily and luckily we have at our disposal at least some most artistic creations prepared by our ancestors at least 300 year back. It is our proud privilege to keep live their art, handed our to us by them.

Besides the a fore said creations we can most successfully create painting of different sizes as desired by the customer. For the very purpose you may establish contact with us by way of email.




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